Surfing has never been this exhilarating!

    With a flick of a switch, you can surge through water at speeds of up to 60km/h with the help of a high-power engine. Water sport addicts can look forward to the most powerful Electro Jetboard ever existing – 19 kW Power will push the efun-Board with 135 kg up to a speed of 60 km/h – from 0 auf 50 km/h in only 3,3 secs.! 1 With this, the efun-Board is setting new standards in the premium water sports class. Thanks to Plug & Play interchangeable batteries you can change the battery even in the water and continue immediately.

    The efun-Board

    With a flick of a switch, you can surge through water at speeds of up to 60 km/h with the help of a high-power engine.

    Introducing the efun-Board, the world’s most powerful e-Jetboard, which sets new premium-class standards in the world of water sports. Incorporating a 19 kW engine, riders are propelled forward with a thrust of 135 kg and a max weight of 140 kg.

    The efun-Board’s handlebar grip incorporates gears that effortlessly adjust your speed within seconds, enabling quick and powerful acceleration. Its user-friendly build suits beginners while its highest speed functions remain a challenge even for seasoned water sport enthusiasts.

    Our Research & Development team in Hamburg has engineered a system with perfect grip for facing steep waves, working seamlessly with slight shifts in weight placement to fine-tune the user’s speed. The efun-Board is also suitable for fun in pairs as it is powerful enough to pull a wakeboard or water ring.

    Its Plug & Play interchangeable batteries are hassle-free and can be instantly replaced for a new charged-up ride during breaks when surfers are interrupted by severe wind and wave conditions.

    Try your hand with the efun-Board today for surfing as you’ve never experienced it before!

    efun-Board on board


    Speed: 53 km/h 1
    Acceleration: 90 kg
    Power: 19 kW / from 0 to 50 km/h in 3,3 s 1
    Board: l 192 cm x w 73 cm x h 26 cm
    Weight: 30 kg (w. o. battery)
    Battery: Plug & Play battery pack
    battery pack small: 800 Wh, l 830 mm, 13 kg
    Charging time: fast: 1 h. 2/ normal: 4 h.
    Operating time: 20 min normal cruse 1
    battery pack large: 1600 Wh, l 830 mm, 18 kg
    Charging time: fast: 1.75 h.2 / normal: 8 h.
    Operating time: 40 min normal cruse1
    Retail price: 8.950 Euro

    1Operating time and max speed are influenced by the weight of the operator, driving style and ocean swell. 2 With fast carger, sold seperatly.

    winter sale demo board 9990 euro

    Winter Sale efun Jetboard

    On behalf of customers we are offering used eJetboards from 7999 EUR. If you are interested in this eFun Jetboard winter sale offer, please contact the efun Krefeld team at: info@e-fun-europe.com

    The eFoil-Board

    Would you like to float silently above the water? No problem. Through our partner e-surfer.com from Berlin, we now offer the eFoils. The eFoils from Fliteboard and the Audi e-tron foil are electric hydrofoils with top quality and unbeaten performance.

    The 5 kW powerful electric drive lets riders take off up to 110 kg. The effective eFoils allow ride times of up to two hours. At the same time, the Plug & Play battery can be recharged in the same time. The eFoils are available in different board sizes, so there is always something for beginners to professionals.

    These high-quality electric hydrofoils are made entirely of high-quality carbon fiber and are therefore not only very robust, but also extremely light. The boards weigh about 30 kg including the 15 kg battery.

    The eFoil never gets boring. Accessories include dozens of different wing combinations to customize the ride. There's even a free spinning propeller for the pros. Step off the throttle on the handheld remote and the propeller continues to spin, allowing you to surf waves in the ocean or behind a boat without engine power.

    The eFoiling is not as hard as you might think. Our instructors get most students flying within an hour. Sometimes after just a few minutes.

    You can test ride the eFoils with us in Krefeld very soon or right now at e-surfer.com in Berlin. Please make an appointment for this under info@e-fun-europe.com for Krefeld and info@e-surfer.com for Berlin.

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    AMAZEA – The Lifestyle Aquajet

    Starting in summer 2022

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